Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tough Customers

If you've been reading this blog, you might have picked up on the fact that I work at McDonald's. I love it there, really, but there are times when I work with customers and I re-think whether or not I want to be there. It's not often, thank goodness, and most of the time it gives me some really funny stories to tell. Here's one of them:

One day, this old man comes in. I say old because he was walking bent over, with all white hair, and he dressed like someone over 60. Sorry, but there is a defined style for senior citizens, and he was rockin' it! He ordered nothing but a small coffee. I have a passion for saving customers money (as strange and untrue as it sounds), so the first thing I told him was that my store offers 'senior' drinks that are the same thing as a small but cheaper. When I informed him of this, he made a sour face at me, as if I had just overcomplicated something and was being stupid. He simply said 'ok' as if I should hurry up and get him his receipt. I asked him if he wanted cream and sugar in his coffee, to which he replied 'of course I do. What do they pay you for???' The next thing I had to do was ask how many sugars and creams he wanted in his coffee. He looked as if I was now just trying to waste his time and said in a condescending tone 'I just want. A. Coffee. Don't you drink coffee? Don't you know how to serve coffee?' So I asked if he wanted it black, to which he scoffed and tried to pull a co-worker over and ask him if he knows how to make coffee. He was pretty surprised when the co-worker also asked him how he wanted it! When the manager didn't help, I decided to just 'wing it.' After all, how much more annoying can he get? After one failed attempt at the 'norm' for my restaurant (2 cream, 2 sugar) I got frustrated and put 8 creams and 6 sugars. I handed it to him and asked him to please try it for taste. Finally! He had the right coffee! He did not thank me, or my co-worker, or the manager that he had pulled over in vain. He waddled off to a chair.

Later, this same man had the gall to come up and order another coffee. I told him if he had his cup, we could refill it for free (because I never learn) and he had the same response as when I told him we had senior drinks. In my frustration, I rang him up for a small coffee instead of a senior coffee. He was with his son, who was in his early 40s, it looked like. The man told his son 'don't even bother ordering a coffee, it'll take them an hour to make it!' The son looked totally embarrassed to be seen with this old man. Of course, the son manages to order the one drink I don't know how to make, so I had to consult someone, but first I made his father's coffee, the way I had learned to, donned an obviously fake smile and chirped 'It took exactly one hour!!' with a nod, handing it to him. The old man turned red and walked away while I worked on his son's drink, which took longer than I wanted it to. I apologized to the son, but he was actually very nice, and told me not to worry 'I'm not like him, I don't mind waiting a bit.'

This is just one of my favorite stories from work, because it shows people exactly what we're up against. Some people are really hard to serve, and it's tough to try to read minds. I have a ton of stories of parents getting mad at the barrage of questions they have to endure just to order a happy meal, but they don't understand that one in twenty of them will come back screaming and throwing food if it's not right the first time (and I'm not padding the numbers here). And I serve probably 50-75 happy meals each shift.

Do you have any outrageous customer stories?


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Things College Students Should Know, But Don't

As an incredibly thrifty college student, I'm always looking for ways to save money/time/anything and everything. A lot of the students I go to school with don't think about these things, or just plain don't know some of the information that I've learned! This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it's a great start!

  1. Amazon Student: This is FREE. And it upgrades you to Amazon Prime for one year. I would suggest doing it on a day you can remember, or marking your calendar, because I'm not sure if they'll charge you for more than a year. However, for a college student, this service is incredibly useful. FREE two-day shipping?? Who wouldn't find that helpful?
  2. Amtrak Student Advantage: I use the train all the time, and Amtrak is the most convenient for me. This card needs to be purchased for around 20 dollars, but really, you save so much more that way! If you only plan on using the train 3 times all year, it already buys itself! Another useful money-saving tip for the train-riding student: buy WAYYYY ahead of time. Two-three weeks ahead of time have a much lower rate than even one week ahead of time. And try to avoid last minute purchases, they're absolutely OUTRAGEOUS.
  3. Local Discounts: At my school, the chinese place offers a cheaper dinner special to university students. The hoagie place has a weekly special. These little things really add up, if you plan on eating out. My school also (secretly) offers a discount on the NJTransit trains to their students for free. This is hidden on their website in the area only students can get to, and I'm pretty sure even I wouldn't have noticed it if I were flying through the pages to get to where I wanted to be. My school also offers a free ride from any residence in the area back to your dorm after a certain hour. The people who would know the most about these freebies would be in your Admissions office, so go ask them what 'freebies' you get just for being a student!
  4. School Meals: The meal plan at my school  is ridiculously expensive. Do the math on yours, mine came out to about 6.00 a meal. I could get a meal for 3.00 at McDonald's!! In some cases, it's worth it, though. Woof and I steal from the school buffet. It's not the norm, but it gets a huge BANG for our 6 bucks. Next fall, we're living in an apartment, and I'll be cooking and saving us money. Consider canned goods, eating in your dorm, anything to cut down that meal plan. It's a huge money-saver.
  5. Store Brands: Even if your mom and dad didn't buy store brand, I promise that kraft macaroni and cheese is just as good as the Great Value brand Walmart owns. Sometimes, this little change can save you over ten dollars on your grocery bill! Another good thing to look at to decide what is truly cheapest is to look at the unit prices comparatively. The one with the lowest unit price, even if the actual price is higher, is the cheaper product. The actual price would only be higher if you're getting more food than the competitor you're looking at. 
  6. Caffeine Swipe: If you have a Mcdonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, or somewhere where you pour your own sodas on or around your campus you can have unlimited soda. Just buy a large cup (a plastic one, avoid the McDonald's Sweet Tea cup) and keep it in your backpack. Remember to wash it after each use, or it'll get icky. Most employees don't feel invested enough in the company to want to save them the soda money, and if they do, just tell them you came through the drive through and ate in the parking lot. 
  7. Don't Be Afraid To Complain: As an example, my little sister went to a movie the other night. She bought a large popcorn because she was going to refill it after the movie ended and take it home to my mom. When the movie got out, the concession stand stopped selling popcorn! The next day, a call to the movie theater was made, and the manager didn't pick up the phone for a long time, so then the complaint made it up to the corporate office. Complaints often mean free stuff. In this case, it was no different. A large bucket of popcorn turned into two free movie tickets. Then the manager called back and gave us another two free movie tickets! Even at my school's buffet, when I had a problem with one of their workers' attitude, the manager offered to refund my meal! Remember that you're a valuable customer to them. College students are surprisingly loyal to businesses, from my experience, so they're very willing to cater to you. Also, remember that if you can imagine it, someone has probably complained about it, so don't feel so bad if you're being reasonable.

Those are the big things that'll save you money, but there are other good ideas, too. What are yours?


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Looking for Giveaway Sponsors!

Woof and I talked about becoming a review/giveaway blog, and we'd love to start off with a bang. After entering giveaways myself for a few months, I am very aware of how to promote giveaways-- especially big ones! I had an idea that will reach lots of people and I'm really excited about it: Back to School Bash. The idea isn't for younger kids, but college-aged kids like myself and Woof. Not only will this help us to know what we should get for our new apartment, but it'll hopefully help out some other college students getting ready for school as well!

We're looking for sponsors for giveaways that would have to do with college life. Please contact us with your product! In this case, we will be happy to just host a giveaway, but if you would like we can review your product as well!

Other than the Bash, we're also looking for anyone else looking to host a giveaway with us (especially fellow etsy sellers!).

It's important to us that your product is of interest to us, or we won't be able to write about it. After all, this blog is also about a couple of college students, and while between us there is a HUGE group of things we're interested in, there is also a pretty big group of things we're not. A short list: baby stuff, re-usable shopping bags/purses (we get way too many of these), sippy cups, bathroom stuff (we prefer to pick it out ourselves), makeup (I have it, and Woof doesn't wear it), maternity wear, etc.

Things we really really want to review, giveaway, or BOTH: Dish sets, Silverware, dorm stuff, pots and pans, fun kitchen stuff, fun gadgets, geeky stuff, etsy products, clothing of all kinds except maternity and baby, art for the walls, FOOD, etc.

That's all for now. If you're interested in working with us, please contact us, we'd LOVE to hear from you!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Pleasant Surprise: Scentsy

I won a contest a couple of weeks ago for a Scentsy warmer and one Scentsy bar. I was excited, because I had been entering contests for this product for a long longgggg time. When you hop around giveaway blogs, you tend to notice what products bloggers tend to like, and everything Scentsy is popular! Their warmers are made of ceramic, in lots of awesome designs that'll work with any decor. The bottom part holds a low watt light bulb that burns just hot enough to melt the scented wax bars. The wax is extremely soft and easy to melt, and the warmer is just warm to the touch, even after being on all day! The one I won went to my boyfriend's house, and it matches his home perfectly. I started playing with it today, and it has been nothing but awesome since the moment I turned it on. It was so easy to set up, then I threw in some wax, and within ten minutes the room smelled like the wax! And I'm not talking about just next to the warmer, I'm talking about all the way out into the hallway leading downstairs. Another awesome thing: it's wickless! That means no soot on the ceiling to clean off every few months!

I love this product, even after just one day with it, and I just wanted to share how awesome it is with people who can appreciate it, too! I think this would be awesome for a house that has little kids, animals, or college students. All three of these things tend to have their hands/things/self on all horizontal surfaces, and with this, you won't have to worry about them getting burned! And since it's wickless, I imagine it'll be a great addition to a home with people who have serious asthma. Also, and this is super important to me, This is great for a college dorm room. They burn at a high enough heat to melt the wax, but I can't imagine it ever setting off a fire alarm or bringing attention to itself when the RA inspects the room!

I wasn't paid to do this post, I wasn't given this item in exchange for this post, I just wanted to share my experience with you guys, especially with school getting closer and closer and my mind on my new apartment and what will go in it!!


Monday, June 20, 2011

How to Enter Blog Giveaways

I don't mention it much on here, but I enter lots and lots of giveaways on blogs each week, and I usually win 2-3 prizes a week this way. And these aren't little prizes, either. It's almost always something 20 dollars and over, or something that i would NEVER buy for myself (chocolate, mostly). As a good example, I won a full-sized Scentsy bar warmer, and 3 different packs of scentsy bars of my choice. The warmer is 30 dollars and the bars are about 5 dollars a piece. I wanted a new air freshener, and while I haven't tried them yet, I have heard great things about them!

Giveaways, once you get into the swing of things, probably take 2 hours total work, including daily tweets, and sometimes you can even win something really expensive from them! If you're not interested in trying this out for yourself, you probably won't be interested in the rest of this post. If you are interested, I'm going to hand out my secret recipe for success, and even some good links to get you started.

First Thing's First

You need to get a few things done before you can breeze through giveaways. When I describe this step to friends, I call it the 'initial investment,' because that's how I see it. It's going to take a little while to get stuff set up right, but when you do it'll make you almost literally breeze through giveaways. It is well worth the effort! Set up all accounts under one very unique name. When I say very unique, I mean something that you're 99.99999% sure that someone else hasn't thought up, or hasn't used. Brad_Pitt_Fan_2011 is a good example of what you don't want to do. I'd post mine, but I'm pretty private, and don't want the stalkers (as much as I love you). An example of a good name idea would be 'SuperDuperMiniMom' though I would suggest something a little shorter, I'm pretty sure nobody has picked that name before.

  1. Once you've picked your unique screen name, you make a gmail account with that name. I say gmail, because it's going to kill two birds with one stone later. You'll have to verify gmail with your cell phone now, though, so it'll be a bit of a pain at first.
  2. Make a twitter account. You don't need to know anything about twitter, just make an account with your unique screen name. 
  3. Make another facebook account using your new email with your real first and last name. This is so that you can do things for giveaways without spamming your friends. If you want to spam them, that's ok too, but you might get some complaints.
  4. Go to and log in with your gmail account. Set up a blog, but don't spend too much time on it (unless you want to). I only use my giveaway blog for giveaway purposes.
  5. Download another browser. If you're using Internet Explorer: download firefox or google chrome. If you're using Firefox: download google chrome, if you're using google chrome: download firefox. I know it's a pain, but it comes in handy, if you like to keep your facebook up all the time. If you don't, you can skip this step, but it'll make giveaways a little slower for you.
  6. Download Mozilla Thunderbird. if you have outlook, that's fine too. This step isn't crucial, but it makes you much more efficient, and helps you stay in the know about new giveaways and enter them faster than other people, which is awesome.
A Walkthrough

For this, I'm going to use a REAL giveaway, so you'll wanna pull this link up in another tab. If you don't know how to do that, right click and click the option that says to pull it up in another tab. Here's the link: 

Here's the first thing you should notice about this giveaway: it's not for a small prize. If you're going to spend a good amount of time on a giveaway, you should try to make it worth the time. Ask yourself how much you want it, then ask yourself if it's worth the amount of time you put into the contest. My personal rule: If the prize is worth 25 dollars or more, I'll enter. If there are multiple prizes in the prize pack, I'll enter, unless it's for 4 candy bars (waste of my time). If there are multiple winners, I'll consider it. If it's useful or something that I just really want to try, I'll consider it. That's just my personal preference, though, other people have other standards.

  1. Mandatory Entry: Most giveaways have a mandatory entry, and it can be just about anything. Before you enter a contest, check the mandatory entry and see if it's something you can do. ALWAYS post the mandatory entry before any other, or the blogger might get confused and delete your comments. NEVER post other entries if you haven't done the mandatory entry.  This blogger always only requires you to say something nice.
  2.  Like ________ on Facebook: A lot of bloggers use giveaways to promote the facebooks of their blog or the sponsor or BOTH. You have your other facebook open on your other window, so you can do these entries quickly. ALWAYS post your facebook name with the post, even if they don't explicitly ask for it. These bloggers like to verify, so there's no cheating. If you click the words 'posted ____ seconds/minutes/hours ago,' you can get a link at the top of your browser to give to the blogger with your comment. This blogger wants you to like her facebook and the sponsor's facebook.
  3. Subscribe to ________ by email: This is the thing that will allow you to know about all the coolest giveaways first. Always use your new email, and always provide an email address so the blogger can confirm that you did it. This blogger wants you to subscribe to her email.
  4. Subscribe to ________ by reader: This is something I never do. I don't understand it, and for that I am sorry : ( If you can figure it out, though, you're one step ahead of me with entries!
  5. Follow _______ on Twitter: A lot of bloggers will ask you to follow them, and sometimes their sponsors, on twitter. They almost always provide links, and when they don't, they provide a twitter name that you can type into the top bar on twitter. You can open these pages without closing the giveaway page by right clicking and clicking the option to open it in another tab. Always tell the blogger your twitter name to verify. This blogger wants you to follow herself and the sponsor (Softlips) on twitter.
  6. Tweets: This is the fun part. Some bloggers allow you to tweet once a day, some allow you to tweet just once, others allow once an hour! Read these instructions carefully in every giveaway you enter. Some bloggers allow you to click a tweet button on their blog, and others just tell you to tweet about it and leave it to your choice. To get a link for a tweet, you click where it says 'posted ______ seconds/minutes/hours/days ago' and you'll get the link at the top of your browser. This blogger lets you write your own tweets. When I encounter this, I use a form tweet that goes like this: '(blogger twitter:@valerie2350) is hosting a #giveaway for (sponsor twitter or product name:@softlips)! Ends (end date), enter today! (shortened link)'
  7. Post on your blog: This is where that blogger comes in handy. All you need to do is write a big post with the new giveaways you're entered in, with direct links to the giveaways, and you can claim this. However, this is something I do only when I'm very very bored. Always provide the blogger with the link to your post. This blogger allows 5 entries for this, but other bloggers give as little as one. Always read carefully.
  8. Check out ______ website and do ______: This is usually the mandatory entry, but in some cases it's an extra entry. Read what it says to do very carefully, or the blogger might delete your comment. This blogger asks  you to go to her giveaway linky site and quote back something on it or add something.
  9. Enter another giveaway: Most blogs will allow you just one extra entry for entering another one of their giveaways. Always look for that extra entry. This blogger both asks you to enter a specific giveaway and any other giveaway. This is actually more than most bloggers allow.
  10. Follow via GFC: GFC is short for Google Friend Connect. The thing you're looking for here is a box with lots of pictures in it either on the right or left side of a blog. It has the google logo on it and a button that says either 'Follow' or 'Join this Site,' but it will be obvious once you find it. I'm not sure what it does, but I know it's safe and fast. Don't forget to tell the blogger your GFC name in the post. This blogger does not require GFC entries, but most bloggers do.

As I said before, always read the instructions carefully. Some bloggers are very very specific about how they want something done, and if you do it wrong it could, in some cases, negate all the rest of the work you did! Be as transparent as possible when you do these things, and make sure there is proof of everything or some way the blogger can verify.

Staying Organized

I find it very useful to find a way to organize giveaways in a way that you can come back to and check daily. It's kind of like a 'to do' list, without the pressure. I use microsoft word and make two different documents. The first is called 'giveaways,' in which I keep log of what giveaways I'm entered in and what prizes are on their way to me. The second I call 'to enter,' and it makes entering giveaways that much easier, because I can put it off until I have enough time to do them. I have a very specific way that I put these documents together, and you don't have to steal it, but I would suggest that you borrow a couple of concepts. Here, I'll outline my daily giveaway routine, so you can get an idea of how helpful being organized is.
I list the giveaways in order of the date they end, so that every morning I can delete the ones that have ended the day before, and I know my chances of winning one of the prizes. If there's more than 3, chances are good I've won something that day. I also don't list giveaways that don't require daily tweets, because it takes up space and makes me feel like there's too much giveaway stuff to do. I set up my 'to enter' document in order of date, too, so that I know which ones I need to enter soon and which I can put off. Of course, the more you put a giveaway off, the less entries you'll get if it allows daily tweets, so I try not to put them off too much if I really want the prize.

Each giveaway in my document is set up like this:

Link (Date it ends in numbers to save space) (The amount of tweets left for that day '0/1 tweets left' if it's more than 1, I put it in bold so it's obvious when I skim through the document later) (Whatever the tweet is so I can copy/paste it to twitter, with a space at the end for easy copying ) 

When I start with my giveaway tweets, I start at the end and copy/paste each tweet into twitter one by one. This sounds tedious, but i don't find it to be that way at all. It's definitely faster that way. After I've tweeted all the tweets, I go through the document and take away one from each (?/? tweets left), so I can keep track of what I've done for the day. The reason I don't always leave it one lower is because sometimes sites go down or blogger messes up, and it's important to know what I still need to tweet, so I can check later if it's available. 

I open up about 10 tabs at a time from the giveaway document, starting from the top, and on each blog I scroll down to the comment form or where it says 'Post a Comment.' Then I go through my tweets on my twitter profile and right click on the seconds (where you would click to get the link) and click 'copy link address,' or something similar. This allows me to have the correct link without having to spend the time going between pages and catching up to where I need to be on my twitter profile. 

The way I write my tweets is: 'Daily tweet (two enters) link (two enters) my email address'


I think I've covered almost everything. Anything I haven't covered, feel free to ask me here. I'm going to post links to where you can find some awesome giveaways pretty much daily. Feel free to try your hand at them! 
This is just a list to get you started. These are all giveaway blogs with consistently good giveaways. If you see one of them post a giveaway 'linky,' look at it. Linkies are where bloggers link up their giveaways, and you can get a much wider variety of giveaways from them. There is also one more site you may want to check out with giveaways from all over the internet:

That's all I have to teach right now. Tomorrow I am taking a long train trip, and I'm not even packed yet, so I better get rolling. Good luck!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Next Semester

In the Fall semester, our shop is going to explode with new items for sale, because Woof and I will have all our stuff in the same place, and everyone knows that I'd rather be thinking up new things to do for the shop than homework! Another fun thing that will happen is that Woof and I will get two new roommates! One of which we already know about (this is where I put my shout out to my new roommate, who shall remain nameless, because I haven't asked if it's ok to mention her yet!) and another that we haven't met yet. I just checked online, and there's a room open, so all three of us have a fourth person to think about as well.

My freshman year of college was really scary for all the reason you'd think of. I was awkward and scared and had never shared a room with someone other than family. I knew there was a lot of potential for annoyances and fights. I got a roommate that wasn't terrible, but not great either. She and I had nothing in common, and we ended up basically dividing the room down the center and staying out of each others' way, not because we were fighting but because it was awkward. I met Woof by walking up to her while she was eating breakfast and saying that we should be friends, based on the fact that I had seen her at almost everything I went to, so we had to have common interests. Woof and I, while polar opposites when it comes to cleaning, have been very good roommates. I know I've really enjoyed the time spent in our dorm, sending links over facebook or watching tv shows on hulu.

This year, with two more people, more space, and more things in our apartment, I feel like a freshman again. I keep worrying that my new roommates will be like my first, or (gasp!) even worse. I'm also really excited to meet the one I know about, because she seems to be pretty drama-free, and I feel like she'll be fun to get to know, but what about the girl none of us know? For all we know, she couldn't find a room, and she's stuck with us because nobody likes her! Maybe nobody likes her because she makes messes and eats other people's food and yells all the time because "NOBODY UNDERSTANDS MEEEEEE!!!"

I know it's kinda silly to think that, of all the people who could room with us, that would be the kind of person we would get, and there's a chance we won't get another person at all, but by nature I'm a worrier. It's hard for me not to sit around, thinking up new rules to avert certain disaster, and telling myself I'm not crazy (just cautious!).

Am I crazy? Probably. Here's one thing I'm very excited about, though. With the apartment, Woof doesn't have to deal with my clothes on the floor anymore, and I can cook (so excited!), and I'm sure that the girl who is rooming with us will be really helpful with the shop, even if it's just helping us make a decision on what to put up when, and what's the best price for things. While she doesn't seem to be a big nerd (and maybe I'm wrong), not everything we do is nerdy anymore, and I can't wait to see what she says about our products. : )

And while we're on the subject of where people are living, there is a manager at the McDonald's I work at who is super neat and basically has OCD when it comes to cleaning, and I know where he's living. He's living in an apartment building that's usually covered in trash, the elevator so disgusting and old that I won't touch it, and the stairwells and hallways filled with stinkbugs. EWWWW!!!! The plus side is he'll probably only have to teach one other person how to clean 237,489,274 times, instead of 3! I kinda feel bad for him, because he has no idea what he's getting into. None whatsoever.

Last night I finished a new product. I plan to take pictures of stuff today or tomorrow, and hopefully I do. : P

That's basically all I have to say today. It's lunchtime and I'm hungry!

Lots of love,

Thursday, June 9, 2011


So, Woof and I have had a problem keeping up with the shop and blog. Why? Because this is summer break from school, and I'm guessing Woof is having as hard a time as I am doing anything productive. I have found lots of awesome things to put in the shop, and they're in a bag waiting to hand off to Woof, who will then finish the products and take pictures and stagger putting them up.

When Woof and I parted ways for the summer, we knew we wouldn't see each other more than once this summer, if even once. She lives 2 and a half hours away from my mom's house, and it's really hard to find a way to justify spending the gas on both sides to meet up. On top of that, Woof has personal things she needs to attend to that make her super busy lately. When we moved out, I sent some stuff with Woof. I sent the expenses book, the stuff to make/sell charms, and the new hoodie bags to go up in the shop, and a couple to finish. I did this because we paid off Woof's expenses already, so we can easily pay her back the shipping costs no problem, especially since it goes into her paypal account anyhow. However, it would be infinitely more complicated to pay off my shipping costs, as she'd have to send money to me to be able to afford it right now.

So a couple weeks ago I got more figurines. I showed you some blurry pictures of them. They aren't charms yet because Woof has the charm-making stuff, and Woof is forever away! I also got an exciting new product!!! I got a set of gaming dice from amazon. They're solid black with white numbers. This wouldn't even be in our shop if I didn't come up with this idea (and tell me if it's stupid): We put a hole in each dice, at a vertex to screw in the charm loop. You can change out dice to wear, or even just use the dice if you're going out to game. They will come in a handy carrying case, which should be useful for just that! I got the idea from my little sister, who plays Call of Cthulu with her friends. She is pretty biased when it comes to whether or not to tell me the truth or not sometimes. After all, would you want to tell your sister her idea sucks? I have a sneaking suspicion that it may not be her thing, but I would love to find out whether or not it will be everyone else's thing!!

Other than what I've already said, I've also been working up until a few days ago. Normally this isn't a big deal, but because I'm not on campus right now, I'm not within walking distance from work. This means that I get limited hours, and I rely on my mom to get me there. On top of that, I've had stress from work, since I've had to work with a manager who really isn't manager material. Although I may be a bit underinformed as to what manager material is, I'm pretty sure a big part of it is professionalism, and she doesn't have much of it. For the first time since I started working there, I actually got angry and yelled at a manager. Yes, I know it wasn't right, but I stand by my temper tantrum! And apparently, so does the big boss, because I still have a job! To be fair though, I went to the big boss before anyone else, so I took the first step to fixing the wrong! She, however, probably got reamed out, and tonight she went off again. She's been working there forever, so I'm not sure that she'll ever get fired, but if I were the owner she would have been gone long ago!!!

Lastly, since the last time I wrote here, I made a few things in the kitchen! I made garlic onion chicken, cupcakes, eggplant parm, cornbread, and stuffed peppers!

The garlic onion chicken was easy, and nothing interesting happened. The cupcakes were out of a box, and nothing went wrong. I got cocky. When I went to make eggplant parm, I over-baked the eggplant, because I was trying to make it healthier than frying it, but I didn't know how dark it was supposed to get. It still turned out awesome, but the eggplant was a little tough. Then I still thought I was an awesome cook. I attempted yellow cake from scratch. I would not recommend it. Somehow, following the recipe very closely, I made wheat flour taste like corn, and my cupcakes turned into cornbread. I have no idea how, but boxed mix is my new best friend! Tonight I made stuffed peppers, and everything turned out great. It would have been awesome if I hadn't run out of Worcestershire sauce, but things happen, and it's still great!

That's about all the updating I have in me right now. I'll get back to you guys about other stuff tomorrow or the day after. I am tired!

Ni ni,