Thursday, June 9, 2011


So, Woof and I have had a problem keeping up with the shop and blog. Why? Because this is summer break from school, and I'm guessing Woof is having as hard a time as I am doing anything productive. I have found lots of awesome things to put in the shop, and they're in a bag waiting to hand off to Woof, who will then finish the products and take pictures and stagger putting them up.

When Woof and I parted ways for the summer, we knew we wouldn't see each other more than once this summer, if even once. She lives 2 and a half hours away from my mom's house, and it's really hard to find a way to justify spending the gas on both sides to meet up. On top of that, Woof has personal things she needs to attend to that make her super busy lately. When we moved out, I sent some stuff with Woof. I sent the expenses book, the stuff to make/sell charms, and the new hoodie bags to go up in the shop, and a couple to finish. I did this because we paid off Woof's expenses already, so we can easily pay her back the shipping costs no problem, especially since it goes into her paypal account anyhow. However, it would be infinitely more complicated to pay off my shipping costs, as she'd have to send money to me to be able to afford it right now.

So a couple weeks ago I got more figurines. I showed you some blurry pictures of them. They aren't charms yet because Woof has the charm-making stuff, and Woof is forever away! I also got an exciting new product!!! I got a set of gaming dice from amazon. They're solid black with white numbers. This wouldn't even be in our shop if I didn't come up with this idea (and tell me if it's stupid): We put a hole in each dice, at a vertex to screw in the charm loop. You can change out dice to wear, or even just use the dice if you're going out to game. They will come in a handy carrying case, which should be useful for just that! I got the idea from my little sister, who plays Call of Cthulu with her friends. She is pretty biased when it comes to whether or not to tell me the truth or not sometimes. After all, would you want to tell your sister her idea sucks? I have a sneaking suspicion that it may not be her thing, but I would love to find out whether or not it will be everyone else's thing!!

Other than what I've already said, I've also been working up until a few days ago. Normally this isn't a big deal, but because I'm not on campus right now, I'm not within walking distance from work. This means that I get limited hours, and I rely on my mom to get me there. On top of that, I've had stress from work, since I've had to work with a manager who really isn't manager material. Although I may be a bit underinformed as to what manager material is, I'm pretty sure a big part of it is professionalism, and she doesn't have much of it. For the first time since I started working there, I actually got angry and yelled at a manager. Yes, I know it wasn't right, but I stand by my temper tantrum! And apparently, so does the big boss, because I still have a job! To be fair though, I went to the big boss before anyone else, so I took the first step to fixing the wrong! She, however, probably got reamed out, and tonight she went off again. She's been working there forever, so I'm not sure that she'll ever get fired, but if I were the owner she would have been gone long ago!!!

Lastly, since the last time I wrote here, I made a few things in the kitchen! I made garlic onion chicken, cupcakes, eggplant parm, cornbread, and stuffed peppers!

The garlic onion chicken was easy, and nothing interesting happened. The cupcakes were out of a box, and nothing went wrong. I got cocky. When I went to make eggplant parm, I over-baked the eggplant, because I was trying to make it healthier than frying it, but I didn't know how dark it was supposed to get. It still turned out awesome, but the eggplant was a little tough. Then I still thought I was an awesome cook. I attempted yellow cake from scratch. I would not recommend it. Somehow, following the recipe very closely, I made wheat flour taste like corn, and my cupcakes turned into cornbread. I have no idea how, but boxed mix is my new best friend! Tonight I made stuffed peppers, and everything turned out great. It would have been awesome if I hadn't run out of Worcestershire sauce, but things happen, and it's still great!

That's about all the updating I have in me right now. I'll get back to you guys about other stuff tomorrow or the day after. I am tired!

Ni ni,

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