Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Pleasant Surprise: Scentsy

I won a contest a couple of weeks ago for a Scentsy warmer and one Scentsy bar. I was excited, because I had been entering contests for this product for a long longgggg time. When you hop around giveaway blogs, you tend to notice what products bloggers tend to like, and everything Scentsy is popular! Their warmers are made of ceramic, in lots of awesome designs that'll work with any decor. The bottom part holds a low watt light bulb that burns just hot enough to melt the scented wax bars. The wax is extremely soft and easy to melt, and the warmer is just warm to the touch, even after being on all day! The one I won went to my boyfriend's house, and it matches his home perfectly. I started playing with it today, and it has been nothing but awesome since the moment I turned it on. It was so easy to set up, then I threw in some wax, and within ten minutes the room smelled like the wax! And I'm not talking about just next to the warmer, I'm talking about all the way out into the hallway leading downstairs. Another awesome thing: it's wickless! That means no soot on the ceiling to clean off every few months!

I love this product, even after just one day with it, and I just wanted to share how awesome it is with people who can appreciate it, too! I think this would be awesome for a house that has little kids, animals, or college students. All three of these things tend to have their hands/things/self on all horizontal surfaces, and with this, you won't have to worry about them getting burned! And since it's wickless, I imagine it'll be a great addition to a home with people who have serious asthma. Also, and this is super important to me, This is great for a college dorm room. They burn at a high enough heat to melt the wax, but I can't imagine it ever setting off a fire alarm or bringing attention to itself when the RA inspects the room!

I wasn't paid to do this post, I wasn't given this item in exchange for this post, I just wanted to share my experience with you guys, especially with school getting closer and closer and my mind on my new apartment and what will go in it!!


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