Monday, June 13, 2011

Next Semester

In the Fall semester, our shop is going to explode with new items for sale, because Woof and I will have all our stuff in the same place, and everyone knows that I'd rather be thinking up new things to do for the shop than homework! Another fun thing that will happen is that Woof and I will get two new roommates! One of which we already know about (this is where I put my shout out to my new roommate, who shall remain nameless, because I haven't asked if it's ok to mention her yet!) and another that we haven't met yet. I just checked online, and there's a room open, so all three of us have a fourth person to think about as well.

My freshman year of college was really scary for all the reason you'd think of. I was awkward and scared and had never shared a room with someone other than family. I knew there was a lot of potential for annoyances and fights. I got a roommate that wasn't terrible, but not great either. She and I had nothing in common, and we ended up basically dividing the room down the center and staying out of each others' way, not because we were fighting but because it was awkward. I met Woof by walking up to her while she was eating breakfast and saying that we should be friends, based on the fact that I had seen her at almost everything I went to, so we had to have common interests. Woof and I, while polar opposites when it comes to cleaning, have been very good roommates. I know I've really enjoyed the time spent in our dorm, sending links over facebook or watching tv shows on hulu.

This year, with two more people, more space, and more things in our apartment, I feel like a freshman again. I keep worrying that my new roommates will be like my first, or (gasp!) even worse. I'm also really excited to meet the one I know about, because she seems to be pretty drama-free, and I feel like she'll be fun to get to know, but what about the girl none of us know? For all we know, she couldn't find a room, and she's stuck with us because nobody likes her! Maybe nobody likes her because she makes messes and eats other people's food and yells all the time because "NOBODY UNDERSTANDS MEEEEEE!!!"

I know it's kinda silly to think that, of all the people who could room with us, that would be the kind of person we would get, and there's a chance we won't get another person at all, but by nature I'm a worrier. It's hard for me not to sit around, thinking up new rules to avert certain disaster, and telling myself I'm not crazy (just cautious!).

Am I crazy? Probably. Here's one thing I'm very excited about, though. With the apartment, Woof doesn't have to deal with my clothes on the floor anymore, and I can cook (so excited!), and I'm sure that the girl who is rooming with us will be really helpful with the shop, even if it's just helping us make a decision on what to put up when, and what's the best price for things. While she doesn't seem to be a big nerd (and maybe I'm wrong), not everything we do is nerdy anymore, and I can't wait to see what she says about our products. : )

And while we're on the subject of where people are living, there is a manager at the McDonald's I work at who is super neat and basically has OCD when it comes to cleaning, and I know where he's living. He's living in an apartment building that's usually covered in trash, the elevator so disgusting and old that I won't touch it, and the stairwells and hallways filled with stinkbugs. EWWWW!!!! The plus side is he'll probably only have to teach one other person how to clean 237,489,274 times, instead of 3! I kinda feel bad for him, because he has no idea what he's getting into. None whatsoever.

Last night I finished a new product. I plan to take pictures of stuff today or tomorrow, and hopefully I do. : P

That's basically all I have to say today. It's lunchtime and I'm hungry!

Lots of love,

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