Sunday, July 24, 2011

Everyone has Their Flaws

If you know me, you know I can become anxious over the silliest things. I have come to realize lately that I really am a perfectionist about certain things and if they're not done the way I feel like they should be done, I stress about it until I can live with the result, even if it's not much different from the way it would have been in my mind. I was really excited about starting to do giveaways on this blog. I still am. But I've found that this is something else that I'm particularly perfectionistic (is that a word?) about.

There's a product that I currently am in possession of, and I have not written a review not because I haven't tasted it, but because I don't have a picture of anything I put it on. I'm going to cook with it today and take pictures, but the thing that made me realize I was stressing over it was the picture problem.

I think in time it'll get better, but I also think I probably won't have so many giveaways in such a short amount of time in the future. Especially since school is coming up and Woof and I will be busy with classes, work, social stuff, and other things like that. I still want to do giveaways and reviews, but probably not rapid-fire like we did the past few days!

Speaking of school: we found out that the apartment Woof and I are sharing with two other girls has two double bedrooms. We were under the impression that it had 4 single bedrooms. When we realized that wasn't the case, I went searching through our university's website for something, anything that would have tipped us off to that fact. When you're looking for something, you usually find it, but this time was an exception. The only hint that the rooms were doubles on the entire website was a badly angled picture that barely showed a second desk and something that could have been a bed or a sofa. If you're going to a university and living on campus, be very careful to be absolutely clear about your living situations-- the colleges are not going to always be crystal clear with you. I'm ok with the arrangement only because Woof is still there, there's more space, and I can cook to save us money.

Also, I kinda like that we'll have two new roommates. At first, it was a source of anxiety for me, but now it's exciting to think of expanding Woof's and my circle of friends; And while one of them is leaving only a month into the semester for personal reasons, the other one seems extremely drama-free and into the same things Woof and I are. Here's hoping for a great addition to our circle of friends!

Let's end this on a positive note,

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