Friday, July 29, 2011

Last night, our etsy shop got 10 new additions! Yay!! The new additions include: completely unique glass phone charms and perler beads made into familiar symbols or characters!

The glass phone charms are actually something I myself started making 4 years ago as a hobby. I made them to give out to friends and family and finally thought to sell them, but never really got far because I wasn't very serious about selling them in the first place. They were all made with care, and I have hand-tested all of them. Most of them will survive a fall onto the ground (Let's just say that in 4 years using several different ones, I've never had one break, but I can imagine it happening to 1/100 of them.) and the string is INCREDIBLY strong. You can use these to pull your phone out of your pocket (my favorite), to swing it in circles, you can fling your phone using it as a catapult, you can attach it to your zippers, you can buy 5 and attach them to your lampshade for decoration... The only thing I would not suggest you do with them is put them on your keys. I've tried it, and it got tangled up one too many times for my taste. Each phone charm you buy is the only one like it, so you will always have a unique piece.

The perler beads aren't actually something I know a lot about, but I do know that they were made well (Woof is a perfectionist when it comes to something that she makes) and that you could use them as art, christmas ornaments, keychains, coasters, and Woof will make any of them into magnets if you would prefer! I happen to know that there is also a tri-force necklace available, as well, made out of perler beads!

Run on over and check out the new arrivals!


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