Saturday, July 16, 2011

Life Blog = Disconnect from Real Life?

I saw some conversations online pretty recently, and I wish I remembered where so I could link it, but the argument was whether or not having a blog about your life makes the line between online and reality blur so that you begin to do things you wouldn't do under any other situation before. I can see the argument for that, and I see a lot of things similar to that happening to certain bloggers, and it's apparently so common that tv shows figured it out and there are examples of it on tv, and there are comics like the one below written about it, too.

I know I went into making a blog thinking to myself 'this is a blog. You might like your readers, you might talk to them, but when it comes to real life you may have to make hard choices. Those choices are not for your readers to make for you. You may have to deal with personal problems that you will have trouble handling. Don't share drama between you and a friend/family member with your readers.' I try really hard to keep this blog about college life, Woof's and my crafting things, and general big kid stuff.

I understand bloggers leaning on their readers for support in hard times. I'm not saying that's wrong or I don't agree with it. What I have a hard time agreeing with is the extreme cases, like the one where a mother turns to her readers as well as her husband (almost like she's married to both) to get opinions about whether or not to get a life saving procedure or have her baby and most likely die. Yes, this was from a tv show, but I've always said, if you can think of it, it has happened before. I imagine other extreme cases happen pretty often, and there isn't much said about it.

After reading the conversation about the line of reality online, I felt compelled to log on here and tell my readers that I promise to leave the drama at the doorstep when it comes to this blog. I promise to remember that real life comes first, and not to miss opportunities just because I'm a blogger. I promise not to give my readers power that they don't need or want in my life and to never give them power over the big decisions that need to be made by me and people around me.

Thank you for reading this.

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