Thursday, July 28, 2011

Subscribing Via Email

I know a lot of people don't like to subscribe to blogs that do daily emails and reviews and giveaways, because they see it as spam, but I thought I'd mention something I have been doing with the past few giveaways: I usually post a giveaway at night, and then those that follow me will have at least one extra entry than everyone else, and if they do both the tweet and the facebook post, they'll get TWO extra entries! This is a pretty good advantage in the smaller giveaways, and in the bigger ones you should take every advantage you can get (I know I would!). Here's a list of the current giveaways on this blog, one of which I posted tonight without advertising yet!

Handmade Spring Green Scarf - Ends 8-4

Stuff Bucket Giveaway - Ends 8-9

Sweets By Leece Variety Pack - Ends 8-10

Country Bob's All-Purpose Sauce - TWO WINNERS - Ends 8-13

$5 Amazon GC Giveaway - Ends 8-18

To those of you who are subscribers or who are reaching for the subscribe button-- thank you for supporting this blog! To those of you who aren't-- thank you for visiting! : )


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