Sunday, May 8, 2011

Best Breakfast Ever

I am not the type who eats eggs, toast, and bacon for breakfast every day, if I have the choice. I actually prefer breakfast for dinner. This morning, I made something that's awesome as a lunch dish, but not so awesome as a breakfast dish. I'm going to put what I made here, because I feel like it's awesome.

Corn Ranch Mashed Potatoes

1) About 2-3 cups of mashed potato flakes (because they were around, you can make the same amount of mashed potatoes as 2-3 cups of mashed potato flakes make and it should be even better)
2) One can of sweet whole kernel corn (fresh would be better, but a can was easier for me)
3) One teaspoon ranch dressing powder 
4) One tablespoon garlic salt
5) One teaspoon kosher salt (Lots of salt, but it's awesome, plus it adds texture)
6) A dollop of margarine (or butter, if you have it around.)

I threw everything but the margarine together in a big tupperware container, the potatoes were a little chunky for my taste, but i knew that once i heated it up in the microwave until it was really hot, I could melt a dollop of margarine into it and make it a little creamier. It should serve two people.

This was AWESOME this morning. I loved it. Now I'm a little sleepy. Maybe I'll carry my cat off to cuddle in bed while I sleep, since I won't see him for a couple of weeks.

Love always,

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