Monday, May 16, 2011

In Which Mew Talks About Eggplant And Other Things

For the past week, and until Thursday of this week, I'm at my boyfriend's house in NH. Woof is in PA this summer : ( we're far away! Woof agreed that if I took care of the blog, twitter, and other such stuff, she'd take care of getting the new hoodie bags and glass phone charms on etsy, but it's the first week of summer, and I do believe both of us were feeling really lazy. I know I slept A LOT.

I did do some healthy things with my boyfriend though! When I'm here, we always cook a lot of stuff from scratch, which is really healthy for you. So far, we've had tacos, nachos, pulled pork tostadas, lots of homemade refried beans, eggplant parmesan, and chicken sandwiches a couple of times. I can't describe these dishes well enough to do them justice, so I didn't try, but trust me when I say that any of them could be on any restaurant menu, and they would be very popular!

And I also started to grow some herbs at his house, too. They're sitting on the porch right now, waiting to sprout. I have them really far back, because apparently it's going to rain literally all week, and I don't want them to drown : ( I also bought a topsy turvy tomato planter, which did NOT come with a tomato plant, seeds, soil, or really anything you need other than the planter. So now I need to get more soil and a tomato plant : ( sniff.

Woof and I sold our first charm to someone outside the US yesterday! I'm trying to find something to put on the blog that'll let us put 'pins' on a map of the world to where our charms have gone. I just think that would be SO COOL. Maybe I'll have to link to it instead of actually putting it on the blog, I don't know yet.

Sorry for the random post, I was just writing to see what would be written, really. I'm still kinda sleepy, and it's only about 9:45 AM right now. I promise to write something interesting very very soon.

Lots and lots of love

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