Thursday, April 14, 2011

And thus, Mew returns

So, I know I haven't written a post in a while, but not for lack of trying! There are at least 5 different drafts of various tops on our blogger account, such as:

Mew's cat 
  •  My cat!! (and how awesome and amazing he is)

This is basically me.
  • Stories from work! (I work at McDonald's. I have some great stories.) 

  • Any general story about woof and I (but somehow I didn't think you'd be interested in our adventures in shopping or the video games we're playing, so I had to hold myself back)

I finally thought hard enough that my head exploded (not really, because that would be messy), and I needed time to recover. 

This week, I've been on a contest craze. I really love free stuff, and now I'm caught in a spiral of daily tweets and long, multiple-comment entries (and for some reason, I like it). One of these contests reminded me of a funny story that I could share about a huge kitchen disaster of mine-- feel free to comment with your own kitchen disaster as well! 

Once, my mother and I had baked an 'easy day cake,' which was as easy as expected. We went out to the store for something, though I don't remember what. We left the cake on top of the stove to cool, and with nobody in the house, it should have been safe. Yes, I said should have. We had a dog and a cat at this time. The cat was never able to jump onto the counter, and we were reasonably sure the smell of cake wouldn't attract him, and we had set the cake far enough back to be out of reach of the dog. Both statements turned out to be right. The dog, however, was evidently more determined than the cat. She jumped up onto the stove hard enough to turn the knob for the burner on. The very same burner we had rested our cake in its ceramic pan on to cool. When my family returned home, our cat was in the window. He wasn't a talkative cat back then, and we rarely saw him mew, but there he was meowing up a storm. Like any crazy cat owners, we stood outside the front window, meowing back at him for fun for about two minutes. When we finally went into the house, we realized why he was being so vocal-- the house was full of smoke. My mother ran to the source of the smoke, turning off the burner and putting out the cake fire. Thankfully, nothing else caught on fire while we were away. Unfortunately, we had to re-make our cake, as even the un-burnt parts tasted like smoke : (

Just because I think it's funny, and you've probably never seen anything like it, here's a picture of my dog. 

Mew's dog

Yes, we did that to her. No, she didn't hate it. In fact, people petted her probably 10 times more than they usually would, sometimes even pulling over and getting out of their car to pet her. Contrary to her innocent look, she was a real troublemaker....

Anyhow, that's my post. I promise to be even more interesting next time.

Love always,

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