Sunday, April 24, 2011

But It Blows Bubbles!!

Yesterday, it was my dad's birthday. We wished him a Happy Birthday in the morning, but we didn't get going until lunch time. It's ritual that the birthday-person gets to pick where we go for lunch, and no one can complain, 'cuz it's their birthday. Anyway, we first went shopping at the Christmas Tree Shops. It's name is deceiving; it's not Christmas year-round in there, nor are there Christmas Trees. Rather, they sell a whole bunch of neat little decorations for your house and garden. Sometimes, depending on the time of the year, you can find some pretty neat stuff in there.

Then we went to PJ Whelihan's Pub. It's a sports bar/restaurant. The food, and the desert, was pretty good!

After that, we went to ACME to buy food's for Easter dinner. Since ACME was boring, my sister and I wondered to PetCO (where the pet's go) and Gamestop. In Gamestop, I got a job application, and they said they'd be hiring in a few weeks, and hopefully the store manager likes me, or at least notices that I'm in their store all the time...woo!

In PetCO, we looked at stuff for the fish (for anyone who doesn't know, Mew and I have a beta fish named The Gay Scientist. He's pretty). They had a dragon. I have this weird obsession with Dragons. I have 39 different Dragons on my many shelves in my room.

But THIS dragon...IT BLEW BUBBLES. You put it in the aquarium, it has a little tube in it. AND THE DRAGON BLOWS BUBBLES. IT WAS SO AWESOME. I WANT IT.

I'm being rushed to finish now. The moral of this story is BUBBLE BLOWING DRAGONS ARE AWESOME and Tarantula's are disgusting, huge, hairy, and cost about eight bucks. And of course, HAPPY ZOMBIE JESUS DAY! I mean......HAPPY EASTER!!!!

Eatin' all your leftovers.

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