Sunday, April 3, 2011

The ol' Switcheroo

Earlier today, Woof and I were switching off answering a person's conversations on etsy when I suddenly realized that some people might think that she and I are the same person, crazy enough to want two personalities on the internet. The reason this occurred to me? You have to promise not to judge me.... I have seen the neopets messaging boards. One person was role playing as two people at once, and I remember thinking 'really? Why don't you just write a story and get it over with?'

One of the biggest differences between me and Woof is a very simple one: she is never scared, and I am perpetually scared. Even if you put me in a room full of cotton, no doors, no windows, just one nightlight and a TON of cotton, I would look around and my mind would turn the shadows of the cotton into monsters. Woof, on the other hand, always sleeps peacefully even if she just watched a scary movie. Jerk. Also, I snore. There. I said it.

The reason we call ourselves Mew and Woof is simple too. I'm more introverted than Woof. I have a gazillion acquaintances, but very very few friends. Woof has lots and lots of friends, and she's really social. Another good example is that she's often texting one person or another. I can count the amount of people I text on one hand.

I am not Woof... Woof is not me.... I promise!

On another note! Woof and I just got two hoodies. We're going to make them into messenger bags. One is Rafael from TMNT and the other is a redbull hoodie. The TMNT hoodie is already done, and should be up soon, and the red bull one is tomorrow. Finally, here is a video. Tonight we're playing fallout 3, and this video is from that game. It should be good for a laugh or two. Ni ni!

Love Always,

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