Saturday, April 2, 2011

Things were taped to my ceiling.

Yeah, that's right; things were taped to my ceiling. A lot of them were.

Today I started the long journey home sometime around 4 PM - the commute shoulda taken 40 minutes to an hour. Thanks to the wonderful City of Brotherly love, I drifted from pocket of traffic to pocket of traffic for close to two and a half hours. Thanks, Philly. Thanks.

Anyway, I made it home. I was greeted by a big black dog, who I call, lovingly, my mutt, and my mommy, who told me about how someone had driven their car through our front yard. Someone never learned how to put a car in reverse, I assume. Went out to dinner, came back and watched a movie with the family. It was pretty nice.

I went upstairs, it's like 11 PM now. My door was closed nearly all the way, which I didn't think anything of, since this is generally a futile effort by one of the parents to keep the mutt out of my room. He thinks my bed is his bed, you see.

I opened the door and flipped on the lights.

Hanging upside-down on my fan were two rubber ducks. A third, along with three different remotes, Darth Vader, a camera, and a poster were in various positions on my ceiling. The walls were lined with pencils, pens, trinkets, a bean-bag lizard, an Arcanine, and a frisbee. My bed was made, but my pillows were on the opposite end of the bed. On my computer desk was a note written by my younger sister, in colored pencil, that read "April Fools! Ha ha ha!"

One thing crossed my mind when I flicked that light switch on. One crystal clear statement.

"Man, someone replaced my lightbulbs! The walls definitely look less purple when there's more than just one lightbulb burning."

In any event, Mew and I have finally gotten our Etsy shop up and running! We're pro like that, yo. Visit it here! Visit, browse, support some starving college students!

Chewin' up your socks,

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