Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back to the Future

So, now that I have Pokemon Black to play with, I also have a bit of work to do with the etsy shop. Woof and I got two hoodies to make into messenger bags: Raphael from TMNT and one with Red Bull on it. Here's a little sneak peek of generally what the description will be:

"This bag was originally a hoodie, and is hand-sewn into a bag. The sewing is very strong and has proven to be able to hold over fifty pounds and can hold just about anything you need to transport. I've had my own hoodie bag for 5 years and have never had to patch it up or re-sew anything, and each day I put about 20-30 pounds worth of stuff in it. Just like a wearable hoodie, this sort of use will stretch it. Also like a real hoodie, it is machine washable (this has turned out to be very useful to me). Due to the way it is sewn though, only the big part of the hoodie can be turned inside out. I've found this bag to be the most comfortable 'messenger bag' I've ever owned, and unlike most messenger bags, it doesn't hurt if it gets heavy. The weight is distributed evenly and comfortably over the soft cotton sleeves. Private message me if you have any other questions about the bag or what it can take. If I don't know the answer, I will test it for you and let you know!"

What I didn't write is that in order to make sure the bags can really stand up to university life, which is probably the most strenuous life the bag will ever have. The TMNT bag has shown that the sewing is good and strong and comfy and everything it should be, and the Red Bull bag will be done in a couple of days. They will go up at 15.00 and 4.00 shipping. I'm so excited to share what I've been enjoying for so many years!!! I should probably pay attention to class now.

Love Always,

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